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THE Seed SCHEME to launch in Charters Towers

Local Businesses Will Benefit From An Online Coaching Program

THE Seed SCHEME to launch in Charters Towers

Nine local women are ready to expand or get started on their businesses with support of a national program, designed for and delivered by rural women in business.The women, who are from a range of different sectors, have been given scholarships, in THE Seed Scheme, by Regional Australia Bank and will join their first online training session on 12th March.

This will be the first of 6 sessions in the first phase of the program, which also includes weekly online training and mentoring in business, digital skills and well being, a weekend event they will host locally, access to a dedicated Facilitator who will help them create a local support network and access to an online national network of other rural women in business.

THE Seed Scheme is one of the most exciting micro-focused projects in rural Australia and the women are excited to be participating!In the last 12 months it’s estimated that THE Seed Scheme has supported the generation of an additional $810,000 in communities across 3 states and, when it achieves its goal of supporting 700 rural women-led enterprises nationwide, it will inject $17.5 Million or more into the rural economy and return enormous social value to the participating Members, Partners and their communities.

Rebel Black is Founder of THE Seed Scheme and THE Rural Woman which is the business that delivers the program and she says THE Seed Scheme is not about unearthing talent - it’s about activating the potential we know exists inside each woman - and her business - to help her build solid foundations so her business serves her, her family and her community in the long term.“With a scaffolded support and education approach that is focused on long term connection and continuity, we expect that a significant percentage of THE Seed SCHEME members will go onto become small businesses and a further percentage will become medium businesses which will see the economic and social impact of this scheme expand exponentially in years and decades to come.” Rebel Black, CEO and Founder of THE Rural Woman THE SEED SCHEME GOALS Through training, mentoring and community support, every online micro-enterprise Seed Scheme Member achieves:

● Clarity in her vision and ambition, in her product/service, in her financial goal and profitability, in her marketing and sales processes,

● Confidence in herself, to take her product/service to market, in her ability to succeed

● Connection to the tools and training she needs to achieve her goals, the technology required to take her product/service to market and manage it effectively, to other micro-enterprise Founders for mutual support, advice, collaboration and encouragement,connection to Sponsor Partners and their extended network

About THE Rural Woman Launched in 2015, by Founder Rebel Black,

THE Rural Woman is an internationally award winning business with it’s head office located in the outback opal mining town of Lightning Ridge, NSW.

The business has a team of 15 women across Australia and Asia including some Australia's leading advisers, mentors and coaches, administrative, tech and training consultants.

For further information, interviews or connection to local Seed Scheme Members please contact Rachel Allan, Project Manager THE Seed Scheme on 0408 177 700

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