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COVID-19 Safety Plan

Keeping the Community Safe


To ensure the health and safety of staff, customers, clients, tradespeople & our community we are taking every precaution possible to maintain a safe & hygienic environment to prevent transmission. At Gold City Realty we are adhering to strict hygiene practices within our office.


We are trying to limit the number of walk ins at this time at our office so if you'd like to book an appointment or chat to us we suggest you contact us via phone, email or text message to reduce the amount of foot traffic to limit direct contact.

Attending Your Appointment:

As per the guidelines from the Australian Government - you must be 100% well to attend your appointment. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you inform us in advance if you or anyone in your household is unwell, or self-isolating because they are at risk of becoming unwell due to COVID-19. If this is the case I can make the appointment available via virtual means.

Please DO NOT attend the office for your appointment if:

  • You have tested positive for COVID-19.
  • You have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 (including home or workplace).
  • You have any of the COVID-19 symptoms (fever, cough, runny nose, shortness of breath, fatigue, loss of smell, upset tummy).
  • You are currently in quarantine or self-isolation.
  • You have been in close contact with someone currently in quarantine or self-isolation.
  • Any person in the high risk category for serious infection from the COVID-19 pandemic (people aged over 70, immuno-compromised people & those diagnosed with chronic medical conditions) are recommended to assess your own risk & potential consequence in attending your appointment.

The Day of Your Appointment:

  • Please come to the appointment with only the necessary parties
  • do not bring anyone else (children/husband/partner/friends etc) with you.
  • Once you get to our office entrance the front door you will propped open for you & hand sanitiser is on the front reception desk along with a step by step guide on how to apply it. 
  • Please maintain 1.5 metres social distancing at all times by staying in front of the reception desk until directed to be seated.
  • All keys & supplied pens will be sterilised & wiped over with alcohol wipes before and after each use, along with seating and commonly used flat surfaces to ensure a comfortable and hygienic experience at our office.

Routine Inspections:

We are still currently attending all scheduled routine inspections. This is done by adhering to the strictest of hygiene practices. Please make it known to staff if you or a member of your family is in self isolation, unwell or has come in contact with someone that has tested positive to COVID-19 so that your inspection can be re scheduled until after you have recovered or until after the initial 14 day isolation period. To minimise direct contact we recommend that you not be present at the time of the inspection however any maintenance items can be logged online via the portal or via our website.

Vacant House Inspections:

All vacant house inspections will be via appointment only and will be limited to 2 people at any one time in any premise. Hand sanitiser will also be made available to all attending the appointment. All door handles will be also wiped down with sterilising wipes. 

Maintenance & Trades People:

All maintenance will be going ahead at this time however it is VERY IMPORTANT that you make it known to staff if you or a member of your family is in self isolation. If you are unwell or have come in contact with someone that has tested positive to COVID-19 so that the tradesman can reschedule your appointment before entering your home. All Tradesman are also asked to disclose whether they are unwell or have come in contact with someone that has tested positive to COVID-19 before attending any onsite appointments.

Please help us to manage the risks to the health and safety of all involved by cooperating with the measures we have outlined above. More information regarding how to stop the spread is located on our front windows on display for you to read through.

You can also visit the Department of Health website: www.health.gov.au   

Thank-you for understanding in these unprecedented times

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